The Inactivated Hepatitis A vaccine (Adsorbed) I.P. is a sterile, ready to use suspension containing inactivated Hepatitis A virus (strain HM175), propagated in MRC-5 human diploid cells and adsorbed on aluminum hydroxide. The vaccine appears as off-white suspension which settles down on standing into two phases of colorless upper layer and white settled lower layer.


Each 1 mL contains:

  • Inactivated Hepatitis A antigen NLT 25 IU
  • Aluminium content as Al(OH) NMT 1.25 mg
  • Tween 20 ≤ 0.006 % w/v
  • Phosphate buffer saline q.s.

Therapeutic Indications:

For prevention of Hepatitis A infection in children above 1 year, adolescents and adults
(19 years to 49 years of age).

Dosage form and strength:

Liquid suspension for intramuscular injection.

⚫ l 1.0 ml vial (single adult dose/ two pediatric doses)…

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