Vaccines and its broad impact on human health

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Abhayrab is a lyophilized, purified, inactivated Rabies vaccine that contain inactivated rabies virus (L. Pasteur 2061 Vero Strain propagated in Vero cells). Thiomersal is used as preservative.
Abhayrab PF
Abhayrab-PF is a lyophilized, purified, inactivated Rabies vaccine containing inactivated Rabies Virus {L. Pasteur 2061/Vero Strain propagated in Vero cells) and is free from preservatives.
Vaxtar-5 is a sterile, turbid white uniform suspension of purified Diptheria, Tetanus toxoid, Pertussia, Hepatitis B, and Hemophilus influenzae type-B (HiB). It is available in single (1 dose of 0.5mL vial) as well as multiple doses (10 dose vial of 5mL).
Elovac-B is a non-infectious recombinant DNA vaccine. It is a sterile, slightly white turbid suspension of purified major surface antigen of HBV.
Abhay-TOX® Tetanus vaccine is a sterile suspension of aluminium phosphate adsorbed tetanus toxoid in isotonic sodium chloride solution. Thiomersal is added as preservative. The vaccine, after shaking, is a uniformly turbid liquid, whitish in color.
Diphtheria and Tetanus vaccine (Adsorbed) for Adults and Adolescents (Td vaccine) is supplied as a liquid formulation in a glass vial. It is a whitish turbid suspension of Diphtheria toxoid and Tetanus toxoid adsorbed on Aluminium phosphate, which is used as adjuvant. Thiomersal is added as preservative.
Measles and Rubella Vaccine (Live) I.P. is a lyophilized product containing Measles virus (AIK-C Strain) grown on primary chick embryo culture and Rubella virus (RA-27/3 Strain) grown on MRC-5 human diploid cells. The vaccine contains suitable stabilizers and is presented in lyophilized form, which has to be reconstituted with the diluent (sterile water for injection) provided along with it prior to administration.
The Inactivated Hepatitis A vaccine (Adsorbed) I.P. is a sterile, ready to use suspension containing inactivated Hepatitis A virus (strain HM175), propagated in MRC-5 human diploid cells and adsorbed on aluminum hydroxide. The vaccine appears as off-white suspension which settles down on standing into two phases of colorless upper layer and white settled lower layer.
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