International Business

Our home-grown products have made a mark on the international business front with their global appeal.

IIL has been exporting Animal Health vaccines and formulations & Human Health vaccines, across the world for more than fifteen years.

IIL’s global footprint started by supplying Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) vaccine to United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO) to support their animal health rehabilitation program across the developing countries.

International Business Division (IBD) operates both Animal and Human health under one arm. With a presence in more than 50+ countries and having secured 300+ registrations globally we have a leadership position in our segment in Asia, strong presence in Africa, Middle East and CISR while expanding our footprints in Central and Latin America.


IIL and One Health

IIL takes pride in spearheading the One Health Initiative as an organisation. The International Business team, by strength of working closely with both the Animal Health and Human Health Ministries in respective countries, is taking the One Health initiative forward with the international community.


IIL is closely associated with some National Rabies Control Programs as preferred suppliers for both Human and Animal Rabies Vaccine for the country to implement a structured, integrated Rabies Control Program guided by WHO to achieve the objective of “Zero by 30” i.e. Zero Dog Mediated Rabies Death by 2030.


Cysvax is a revolutionary product offered by IIL. It is the worlds’ first and the only solution for the unique zoonotic disease, Porcine cysticercosis, that affects humans more than the animals but needs intervention at the animal stage. IIL is embarking upon some ambitious programs with an endeavour to eradicate Porcine cysticercosis in Pigs in order to break the cycle of the disease manifestation in Humans (Neuro cysticercosis). In line with the moto of our One Health Initiative we are working closely with Private Sector, Government Authorities, Funding Organisations and Development Sector Entities in respective countries., We are uniquely poised to address another challenge that this zoonotic disease poses.


These and many such endeavours on a global scale indicate our commitment to the One Health cause.

Animal Health

Today, IIL supplies Animal Health vaccines to more than 50 countries in the world with a customer focus in Asia, Middle East and Latin America, Africa, Russia & CIS countries.

IIL’s presence in the global animal health market spans two decades and its reach extends to all the continents across the world with more than 150 product registrations. IIL has a sizable presence in FMD and Rabies vaccine market. IIL’s adherence to highest standards of quality and to its commitments has helped it carve out a name for itself. The consistent approach to business and being a stickler to the highest of standards has ensured in it being considered as one of the top 10 Animal Health companies in the world for its Service, Research, Innovation, Quality, Cold Chain systems and presence in International forums.

In Asia, IIL is one of the largest veterinary biological company, manufacturing vaccines with a range of products targeted for Cattle, Sheep, Goat and Canine segment, having unique vaccine customization capability to meet the requirements of importing countries. IIL’s commitment to quality is demonstrated in the fact that the products are periodically tested by Global Reference Laboratories, reinforcing our commitment of quality to global community.

IIL has a state of the art Animal Health Formulations (AHF) manufacturing facility for tablets, boli and injectables. The facility is WHO cGMP approved, has international NRA approvals and complies to PIC and SRA GMP norms. We have partnered with multiple manufacturers to undertake contract manufacturing projects. We support new customized requirements of the partners by either offering contract manufacturing or product development, licensing and contract manufacturing models.

Human Health

IIL made inroads in global human vaccine market with the launch of Abhayrab – India’s first and world’s second PVRV rabies vaccine. IIL, being the biggest player in the world for Rabies Vaccine is reflected in its strong position for this product across various global markets. We are by far the biggest and one of the most dependable supplier of the vaccine across continents supplying over a million doses for some national tenders. IIL’s human health vaccines are registered in more than 45 countries and are used in various National Immunization and Control Programs.

IIL’s presence in the global human health segment for UIP range of vaccines paved way to bid for the UNICEF tender to supply all developing nations. The human rabies vaccine – Abhayrab is the brand leader in few of the Asian countries and is being used regularly in all the importing countries’ national rabies vaccination schedule.

IIL’s manufacturing facility has got the track record of complying with the International Standards and clearing the International audits conducted by the importing countries in line with their National Regulation for registration of products.

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