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Animal Health

The Animal Health division of IIL is engaged in marketing a range of livestock and companion animal health products such as Vaccines, Formulations (Anti-infectives, Anti-parasiticides, NSAIDs) and Nutraceuticals. IIL also markets generics and over-the-counter (OTC) products which are available at all veterinary retail outlets.

IIL actively pursues and collaborates with State and Central Government agencies for mass vaccination programmes and for post vaccination follow ups. The division works to create awareness among dairy farmers on issues related to animal health through its extension activities at District Cooperative Societies (DCS) and Cooperative Milk Unions. Continued Medical Education (CME), Video On Wheels (VOW), Vaccination Camps and Farmer Contact Programme (FCP) activities are conducted regularly to improve animal health status. The division is an active participant in major animal trade fairs, shows and also an avid sponsor of educational events in veterinary colleges across India.

Active CRM initiatives, such as publishing of periodicals/journals, technical workshops and 24 Hours toll free number service, has helped IIL gain competitive edge by embracing customer needs and building value driven long term relationships.