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HBI’s CRM encompasses the process that uses to track and organize its contacts with its current & prospective customers at all levels of its operation. At HBI CRM helps in understanding the customer groups & responds quickly to the queries and complaints. CRM also provide with important new insights into customers’ needs and behaviors, allowing us to tailor products to targeted customer segments. Information gathered through CRM programs often generates solutions to problems outside marketing functions, such as supply chain management and new product development. In HBI’s paradigm, CRM provides a platform to obtain a competitive advantage by embracing customer needs and building value driven long term relationships.

Dial a Customer Programme: The only way to increase customer loyalty is to understand customer’s problems through a proper feedback mechanism and trying to resolve it. HBI regularly conducts telephonic surveys to know the satisfaction level and find out ways to improve products and services.

Complaint & Query Management: With the vision to ensure superior service experience, HBI intends to provide responsive, fair, expeditious & customer centric complaint/query management procedure to all the customers.
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